2019 Vendor Application

Dear Concessionaire: The information asked for below is designed to help our office determine the needs of our concessionaires and the Hamilton County Agricultural Society. This is not a contract, and does not guarantee that you will be issued a contract. If the application is accepted, a contract will then be issued. The Fair dates for 2019 are: August 8th through August 11th .  

​If you are wanting more information or have any questions please contact: 

Glenn Beesley at 513-237-9818 or at hamiltoncountyfairohvendors@gmail.com

                                                             FOR YOUR INFORMATION
​Outside space sells for:                   $ 20.00 per square foot
​Electric 100V:                                    $ 50.00
220V (up to 50 amps)                        $ 100.00
​OVER 50 Amps:                                 Additional charge (Fair electricians will check AMP)
​Tent for booth 10’ X 10’                     $ 70.00

​TOTAL FOR 10’ X 10’ BOOTH -         $320.00

Please fill out the application below:

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